Legal Process Outsourcing


With Legal Process Outsourcing- LPO we help ensure that the legal needs of companies are met more efficiently and effectively. By the design and outsourcing of those repetitive legal processes, lower added value, contractual, operational, administrative or even of revision and documentary update, we allow to improve service levels, achieving cost savings and focusing the legal workforce in activities of greater value.

The legal areas of companies will face an environment of greater demand and, consequently, will require tools that allow them to optimize their resources without sacrificing risk management and regulatory compliance, which is why our LPO services are a solution.

Benefits of hiring Legal Process Outsourcing
  • Reassignment of high level resources to more complex tasks.
  • Ability to carry out the necessary legal activities at a lower cost, without sacrificing quality.
  • Absorb internally part of the legal work that adds value and is normally done by an external lawyer, increasing the motivation levels of the internal team.
  • It allows maintaining or reducing the current provision of a legal department, despite the increase in regulatory complexity and demand for internal legal services.
  • Ease of monitoring and maintaining performance through the application of service level agreements based on measurable criteria.
  • Better budgetary management for efficient and balanced recruitment strategies among law firms, LPO providers and internal team.
  • Development of a shared services approach for internal legal functions.

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