Understanding that internal legal teams need greater agility and flexibility to be able to respond to the new challenges of the 21st century and that some companies require having lawyers or their teams internally to address special projects, it´s why we have designed for Flexible Legal Talent.

We provide on demand attorneys to meet the needs of temporary resources, workload increases, replacements for medical licenses, unexpected casualties within the team, requests for secondments and development of on-off site projects, high volumes of information processing or simply for a need for particular labor.

 Advantages of hiring Flexible Legal Talent:
  • Access to high quality lawyers thanks to our demanding internal election process.
  • We customize the choice of our advisors based on the specific needs of our client. Addressing skills, knowledge and cultural adjustment required.
  • Constant monitoring of the Key Account Manager (KAM) to the designated advisor in order to ensure the quality of customer service.
  • Work modality and temporality according to the needs of each client.
  • Satisfaction monitoring of the service, periodically applying Alster satisfaction evaluation, delivered feedback to the advisor and enabling an eventual change of it in case of being required.
  • Data and information protection policies.

If you require more information write us contacto@alsterlegal.com